Mike Brady

Mike Brady has worked in the world of politics for more than thirty years, serving in state and local elected positions, as the Deputy Mayor of the City of Chicago, on several public and quasi-public boards, on election campaign committees, and as a consultant for private sector clients at the local, state and federal levels of government.

Brady’s political background as an elected official began in the mid-1970’s with his service as a member of both of the Illinois Senate and the Illinois House of Representatives.  He left the Illinois General Assembly in 1979 to become the Deputy Mayor of Chicago.  One of his key initiatives was to establish the first lobbying unit within City government.  That office was designed to address the changing climate of government, which moved from business done exclusively by personal contact among  elected officials to providing research and factual analysis by expert staff for the decision-makers.

Additionally, Brady has served as the elected Democratic Committeeman of the City’s 49th Ward, and has been a member of the Chicago Transit Authority Board, the Northeastern Illinois Plan Commission, and the original Executive Committee of the Chicago Economic Development Commission.

Among the various honors earned for his work in the political arena, Brady has received numerous awards from universities, boards of education, student groups and school teachers.  In recognition of his educational policy leadership in the Illinois General Assembly, he was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Letters from DePaul University.

Through his service within government and as a lobbyist, Brady has developed expertise in the areas of health care, banking, transportation, finance and taxation.  His strategic insights and legislative experience make him a valuable asset for the success of his clients’ legislative programs.

After leaving employment in the government sector, Brady’s professional consulting work has been in the areas of health care, insurance, engineering, real estate, and technology.  On the private sector side, he helped grow an engineering business to a 65-person firm which then sold to an international conglomerate.  For three decades he has led a consulting and lobbying firm, representing clients at the federal, state and local government levels, with emphasis in regulatory, legislative and marketing issues.

Mike Brady
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