Our Mission

Outcomes Change Quickly in Springfield

A critical vote in the House, a last minute amendment in the Senate, a sweeping gubernatorial directive, or a myriad of new regulations can affect the future of an entire industry.

Successful Companies must have a seat at the table.  They know the importance  of playing an active role in every step of the process as decisions are being made.  It’s essential to have an aggressive, experienced and professional presence in the State Capitol.

It’s not enough to “monitor and track” legislation.  You need to have the expertise to anticipate how the legislation and regulations will move through the process.  It’s essential to have the knowledge and relationships to positively impact the policy-making arena.

Good lobbyists are only successful because they provide results for their clients.  It’s important to develop a strategy and plan of action tailored to the unique needs of each individual client. Clients have names, not numbers.  They should expect advocates who can provide the attention to detail and the outstanding personal service they deserve.

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